Annual Notifications

The Metropolitan School District of New Durham Township is required by numerous federal and state laws, as well as board policies, to provide annual notices to parents/guardians prior to the start of the school year.

To request a hard copy of all annual notices for the current school year, please call the corporation office at (219) 785-2239.

2017 MSD of New Durham Twp. Annual Performance Report

Table of Contents

Board Policy 2260


Form 2260 F2


Form 2414 F1


Board Policy 2416


Board Policy 5310

Health Services


Form 5320 F1

  • Meningitis Parent Information Letter


Administrative Guideline 5517


Board Policy 5517.01


Form 5530 F2


Board Policy 5600


Board Policy 7434


Board Policy 7440.01


Board Policy/Administrative Guideline 8330


Form 8330 F9


Form 8330 F9a


Board Policy 8405


Board Policy 8432


Form 8453.01 F5


Form 9130 F4


Form 9150 F1








Student Learning Objective Testing