Board Members

The MSD of New Durham Township Board of School Trustees is an elected five member board. Board members are elected for a four-year term. Every two years either three members or two members of the board are elected in November. The MSD of New Durham Township Board of School Trustees maintains membership in the Indiana School Board Association, and subscribes to the ISBA Code of Ethics.

The School Board's primary function is to provide each student with an education of the highest quality in keeping with his/her capacity to learn. The Board is ultimately responsible for school district operations, but the Board does not get involved with the day-to-day operations of the school. Rather, the Board sets the direction and goals of the district, approves financial decisions, and hires and evaluates the Superintendent of Schools. District and school administration are responsible for placing the vision and goals of the School Board into action.

President: Mr. Mark Parkman
Vice President: Mrs. Karen Jedrysek
Secretary: Mrs. Lynn Wilson
Deputy Secretary: Mr. Wayne Hodge
Member: Mr. Phil Burdine