Food Services and Wellness


It is the responsibility of parent/guardian to keep a positive meal balance in their student(s) account or to pack a lunch from home for their student(s). The Food Service Department is self-supporting which means that no monies from the general fund help to operate the Food Service Department. Payments must be made promptly to ensure that the department can continue to operate in a fiscally responsible manner.

 In accordance with School Board policy, the Superintendent requires School Corporation Food Service personnel to comply with National School Lunch Program standards and establishes these procedures to govern meal charge accounts. Cafeteria purchases shall be prepaid into individual food service accounts before meal service begins or paid as they receive meals. Prepayments into individual food service accounts may be made by prepaying with one of the following methods: online service with, check or cash. The only deductions made from prepaid accounts will be for the purchase of meals or other allowable food purchases in the cafeteria. In accordance with School Board policy, a student may charge for meals if his/her account has an insufficient balance to cover the charge. However, no account will be allowed to exceed -$5.00 as established in School Board policy. Cashiers make every effort to notify students of low or negative balances at the register. Staff members and adult community residents shall not be permitted to charge meals. A student whose account has a significant negative balance may not charge or purchase “à la carte” items, including extra main course entrées. If a student has a significant negative lunch account balance, s/he shall be provided a regular reimbursable meal that follows the USDA meal pattern, the cost of which shall continue to accrue to his/her significant negative balance. The Director of Food Service or other school personnel will coordinate communications with the parent(s)/guardian(s) to resolve the matter of unpaid charges by phone calls, emails or letters mailed through the U.S. Postal Service. If food services staff suspects that a student may be abusing this procedure, written notice will be provided to the parent(s)/guardians(s).

All accounts must be settled at the end of the school year. Letters will be sent home approximately 10 days before the last day of school to students who have a negative balance. Negative balances of more than $10.00 not paid in full before the beginning of the next school year will force the Corporation to take action to collect the unpaid funds by means of collection agencies, small claims court, or any other legal method deemed necessary by the Corporation If a student withdraws or graduates from the Corporation and has a positive balance of less than $5.00 the balance may be receipted into the school lunch fund where the school lunch program funds are maintained unless the parent requests a refund. If a student withdraws or graduates with a positive balance greater than $5.00 parents shall be notified by mail and given the option of receiving a refund or transferring the funds to another student account. Unclaimed remaining balances will be transferred to the emergency fund or uncollectable negative balances.

Wellness Policy

Click HERE to download the MSD of New Durham Township Wellness Policy.  

The Wellness Policy is aligned to federal standards regarding best practice standards to implement a school environment that promotes health, wellness, and physical well-being.  Parents, students, or staff who would like to be part of the school's Wellness Committee should contact the school office for information.

The policy was last reviewed by the Wellness Committee on March 24, 2022, using the IDOE Triennial Assessment Template.  The completed assessment tool can be found HERE.

The Wellness Policy was last approved by the Board of School Trustees on April 13, 2022.